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Song Profile

BustSimple or semi detailed BGCan includes one simple prop/item

$15 - $30

Phone Wallpaper

Classic style is only available at this time!+$5 for background image separate,
$15 for Sketchy style, more lose and slightly painted. 2nd example!
Any species, any background


Waist Up -Grem2

-Waist up
-Full color
-Simple BG or transparent
-Can includes one simple prop/item


Painted Wallpaper

-Any species, any background
-Complex fee $5-$20 depending on backgrounds and characters
-Characters are simplified if needed



-Colored lines
-Transparent Bg or +$10 for full bg


Soft Icon

Can be any species, usually fullbody-


quick headshot

-You get a transparent file
-$2 Sketch, $3 clean sketch, $5 clean lines
-no limit to how many you can order


LOGO - YT, Twitch, Etc

-Logo for your use, you get all usage rights (minus creator rights)
+ custom banner for $30
-must provide oc ref, prefrences, main needs for logo, etc


Animal Crossing YCH

-Now can be any species!!
-Comes with accessories
-No complex fees


Other Examples

Not my standard commissions but if you like what you see let me know!

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